Biker Theme Ideas

default-ehow-images-a07-2u-qr-biker-theme-ideas-1.1-800x800Most bikers pride themselves on being part of a detached or unique segment of society, usually portrayed as misunderstood rebels. Some biker groups can be more reserved and pedestrian than others, yet they all have one thing in common — they roam the highways as free spirits and value their motorcycles as family members. In this group, there will always be biker themes for parties and holidays and you will always feel at home as everyone has a great passion to biker life.

Biker Haloween

  • Halloween can be the perfect time to bring the gang together for a ghoulish party. Halloween colors lend themselves well to the Harley Davidson logo, particularly orange, black and white. Streamers of black and orange crepe can twist across the ceiling or rafters. Themed dinnerware utensils, plates and cups come in Halloween colors, as well as some suppliers who sell biker-theme-related goods. In advance of the party, each guest can draw a horror movie character from a hat and be required to show up in the appropriate regalia, keeping the biker theme in mind.

Hog Picnic

  • Since the “hog” connotation has been adopted by hard-core biker groups, the host can sponsor a picnic or special dinner party at which all the guests are served hog products exclusively. The dinner menu might include barbecued pork ribs, ham steaks and bacon. A vegetable side dish might consist of hog food, like corn or potatoes. The beer keg could be marked “swill.” Food could be served in small homemade wooden troughs. Piggy banks adorned with the member’s names written in felt pen could serve as placement identifiers.

Tattoo Party

  • Any pool or beach party for bikers might include a contest in which the prize goes to the biker sporting the most press-on tattoos. Of course, original tattoos would count in the tattoo inventory. Another variation might include tattoos arranged on the body in such a way that they tell a story, if read up or down a leg or around the midriff.

Motorcycle Decoration

  • Instead of the biker group dressing for a special occasion, bikers could be given the task of dressing up their motorcycles in the guise of some animal, famous person or object. All the bikes would be paraded over a stage, and participants would then write down their guess or interpretation of whom or what the bikes represent. The one who makes the most correct guesses gets a prize or trophy. This could be fun, since the motorcycle gets the dress-up and attention instead of the rider.

Labor Day

  • Bikers meet in large groups when they have a rally or a road trip planned. They seldom wear anything on those occasions besides their leathers, worn denims, sleeveless vests, gloves and boots. For a Labor Day party, they could be asked to show up in their actual work attire — on their bikes, of course. This could include business suits, lab coats, or uniforms. The party might involve a ride somewhere in the area.

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